Luxembourg Fashion Show
Saturday, September 30th, 2023
Hall O
Avenue du Parc des Sports
L-4671 Oberkorn - Differdange, Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg Fashion Week 2023

We look forward to seeing you on 30th September to 8th October 2023 for the Fifth Edition of the Luxembourg Fashion Week

Human Highness

Human Highness is a luxury sustainable womenswear brand that celebrates balance, creativity and timeless beauty in simplicity. We believe in elegance with a touch of a super heroic upliftment. For us it’s important to work closely with the artisans who are making our products and we choose materials based upon sustainability and creativity. Each piece is handcrafted and painstakingly tailored in Estonia, meaning the journey from sketch to garment is minimised to be based in one small country embraced by its beautiful nature. We are in no way perfect and will never claim to be, but aim to be transparent and hold ourselves accountable to you - if we together empower each other to be centered by love then only good can grow out of it. The brand was born out of the friendship of Tessy Antony De Nassau and Milli Maier. Having met years ago in London - one of the capital’s of fashion - they both instantly felt that they have a shared energy that could be formed into something inspiring.

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Francini K

Francine Keiser is the founder and designer of Francini_K, a luxury ready-to-wear brand from Luxembourg that was launched in 2022.

Inspired by the sixties, Francini_K's collection is made up of glamorous evening dresses that combine classic fabrics and technical materials, as well as chic casual wear. Her looks are structured, short, colourful, elegant and sensual thanks to their high-quality fabrics. She creates fashion for active women who, as Francine says, "shouldn't have to choose between comfort and elegance".

You'll be dazzled by the new collection from this talented designer from Luxembourg, who has already presented her collections at New York and London Fashion Weeks.

The Francini_K boutique is nestled in a superbly restored 18th-century house in the heart of Luxembourg's old town.

For Luxembourg Fashion Week 2023, Francine collaborated with Unique Glitter, a young brand specialising in illuminated looks and the creation of unique accessories.

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Walking In Custom

It is a social, human-centred movement that Claire Flammang and Daniel Tarazona created. They collaborate with theatre and art students of the Lycée Aline Mayrisch Luxembourg, Fashion Revolution Luxembourg, the French artist Sandra Cheres and the hairstylist Ignorance. As a team, they create alternatives that promote education and awareness of creativity, character-driven and sustainable fashion.

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Yanis Miltgen

Yanis Miltgen, is a Franco-Luxembourgish designer, with only 22 years old he finished his studies at Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris. His passion for fashion and art comes from his mom but it was after watching the video "Mischka Aoki Craftsmanship – that he knew that he wanted to work in the art world and learn how to do art embroidery. Art embroidery and knit art are now in his pieces. He uses traditional techniques from all over the world. His pieces require between 800 and 3000 hours of handwork to produce them.

He nourished his ambitions thanks to the multitude of techniques that he had the chance to acquire.

Passionate about art in general, more particularly about classicism and architecture, he advocates respect for traditions in his creations. Yet he made the choice to push his "art to the extreme" by adding a touch of modernity with the help of a particular work on the fabrics/textils and the volume by different textiles. He promotes the use of unconventional products in his designs such as the use of silicone, the creation of electrical circuits, or the use of metal to structure his creations. His creations are located halfway between art and fashion.

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AWKA is a tribute to ancient weaving and embroidery, preserving cultural heritage and wisdom. Founded by Gabriella in 2021, it aims to safeguard Ecuador's diverse indigenous wealth through ethical fashion. Each design embodies authenticity, connecting the past to the present and celebrating collective history. AWKA's commitment to sustainability challenges the fashion industry's norms, paving the way for a positive and responsible future. Join the AWKA Universe to immerse yourself in captivating stories and become a custodian of ancient legacies, fearlessly celebrating diversity. Let your spirit thrive in this cosmic tapestry of heritage.

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Malek Gheni

Malek Gheni is a Tunisian fashion designer who graduated from ESMOD, the international fashion university, in 2019. He is the founder of his haute couture brand based in Tunis. His high-profile participation in Project Runway Middle East, which took place in Lebanon alongside renowned designer Elie Saab, helped boost his profile and recognition in the fashion industry.

Her academic background and experience in prestigious competitions demonstrate her exceptional commitment and talent in the field of fashion.

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La Rena

Timeless elegance, a sense of uniqueness, originality, and luxury - these are core features of all La Rena models. Renata Kliská’s work focuses mainly on the following:

  • exclusive fur coats from natural materials
  • elegant dresses from soft stretch leather and first-class fabrics of top quality

La Rena collections were praised at fashion shows in Paris, Milano, Rome, London, Vienna, Nice, Monte-Carlo, Geneva, Prague, Budapest, Lyon, Annecy, but also in the United States, where her models appeared at Couture Fashion Week in New York and during Oscar Night in Los Angeles. And even La Rena participated in great Inauguration Gala event Mercedes-Benz on French Riviera during Film Festival in Cannes.

Designer Renata Kliská – La Rena:

"What diamonds are to jewellery, fur is to luxurious fashion."

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NO.RAINER is more than just rainwear; it's a testament to the art of embracing nature's beauty while exuding confidence and elegance. 

We seamlessly blend innovative waterproof technology with meticulously crafted designs, creating trench coats that effortlessly elevate your style even on the wettest days. Our vision is to transform rain into a canvas of enchantment, where each droplet tells a story of resilience and refinement.

At NO.RAINER, we believe that rain is not an obstacle, but a symphony of life. Our rain coats are a reflection of this philosophy – a harmonious fusion of form and function. Crafted from premium materials that repel water without compromising on comfort, each coat is a tribute to modern versatility. 

With NO.RAINER, you're not merely shielding yourself from rain; you're embracing its beauty, embodying a spirit that is unapologetically bold yet elegantly poised.

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Catia dos Santos

Catia is originally from Brazil but now lives in Luxembourg.

At the age of 44, she is presenting her first collection to the public, inspired by her roots and an
oriental style, trying to tell a little of her story.
For years, she has been connected to couture and took to the catwalk to make her debut as a
designer of her own creations.

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Bianca Neve Bridal Boutique

Biancaneve is a family company of two sisters: one with a heart for fashion and the other in finance, which makes a nice tandem to create something luxurious and, at the same time, realistic for powerful and outstanding, fashionable women who want to shine in their special events and celebrations to be different.

The designer, since childhood, has had sizers in her hand and changed the outfits of the dolls and her sister and family after she studied in the finest school, Istituto Di Mode Burgo, in Italy.

Our designer has more than ten years of experience designing wedding dresses and evening gowns all over Europe.

This year, finally, they present the haute couture evening dress collection made in Luxembourg in precious, noble materials from Italy and France.

The collection is inspired by femininity, glamour, and elegance and, at the same time, a fresh and contemporary, avant-garde look.

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