Luxembourg Fashion Show
Saturday, October 1st, 2022
Hall Fondouq
1, route de Thionville à Dudelange.
20 hrs

The Luxembourg Fashion Week 2022

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, October 1, 2022 for the fourth edition of Luxembourg Fashion Week. All details will be available soon.

Human Highness

A lifelong dream to inspire women through fashion and encourage them to become the best version of themselves and always wear their invisible wings with the sense that the power and strength comes inside out. The story of women through the ages – “Super Women” that wear these capes in order to share a message of community, empowerment, pure beauty and elegance. This autumn Tessy Antony de Nassau and Milli Maier are releasing a limited edition of handcrafted capes that they initially designed for themselves. The HUMAN HIGHNESS opening collection is made up of warm and cozy handcrafted wool capes, all featuring hidden suspender straps to add extra comfort, practicality and sense of empowerment. The versatile use helps you easily shed the cape as you transition from outdoors to indoors with built-in straps that suspend it for hands-free carry The HUMAN HIGHNESS bespoke cape collection is handcrafted in Estonia - created to last and worn in every season. As a sustainability-forward brand we know that a truly conscious company needs to consider both people and the planet before, during, and after production.

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Francini K

Francini_K is a luxury couture brand launched by Francine Keiser in April 2022. After a long career as a lawyer, Francine decided to study fashion in Paris. When she was selected as the 2021 laureate at the school’s annual defilé, the milestone for her fashion brand Francini_K was laid. Inspired by the sixties, Francine’s first collection is composed of glamourous evening dresses which combine classic fabrics and technical materials, as well as smart casual wear. Her looks are structured, short, colorful, uplifting, and sensual through their high-quality fabrics. She creates fashion for active women who, so she states, “should not have to choose between comfort and elegance “. The first Francini_K Boutique opens its doors in September 2022, in Francine’s home country Luxembourg.

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Since she was a child, Anushka Prakash has been passionate about shoes. Her journey as a designer began after she got married and moved to Europe. In 2018, she decided to switch careers, become a shoe designer, and fulfill her long-lasting dream of launching her shoe brand. She had the opportunity to study in the recognized shoe design « Istituto Marangoni » in Florence, Italy, where she pursued her professional studies. Upon completion, she did an internship at Idee partners, and then finally, in 2019, she began working full time on her dream project MOAJAZA. MOAJAZA, in Arabic, it means “Miracle”. MOAJAZA embodies an exquisite label of premium quality handcrafted shoes. We identify as a label that stands by the value of creating and promoting handcrafted techniques and products inspired by stories of heritage, culture, and tradition across the globe. The upcoming collection “MOJARI by MOAJAZA” is inspired by a shoe style that is uniquely identified in parts of Southeast Asia, called the Mojaris. The forthcoming collection is an interpretation of the mojaris in a more contemporary, practical, and comfortable way, marrying the Indian artistry and the richness of Indian handloom with luxurious Indian embroidery.

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The eighties were marked by the birth of "Edoard aux doigts d'or". The prodigy gave his first cry at the town of Issae in Côte d'Ivoire hospital, and he received the name of "Fabrice". He was so energetic that his mother took him to her sewing workshop during the holidays, where he worked as a counter-maid. His fashion designer's soul awaked during his childhood and first contact with fabrics. Since then, he decided to develop his style, which is characterized by multi-faceted cuts. For this edition, Zaady will share the “Spring/summer” collection, which was presented during the Paris Fashion Week.

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Hermana Clothes

The fashion designer Audrey Schoepfer was born in France. She has been passionate about fashion focusing on the sustainable approach. She is a specialist in creating upcycled clothes for women. Her reasoning behind every creation is to consume more responsibly and save the planet. "Hermanas Clothes" comes from the idea that as women we are all sisters. "Hermana" means sister in Spanish. The "H" is in brackets since most of the time, the shopping is between ladies and is one of the few moments when the man is aside. Her collections are assembled in social integration workshops in Lorraine, her home region, and in Luxembourg, the brand's country of origin. As a sustainable designer, she aims to support women in economic difficulties and minimize the volume of discarded materials and waste in landfills annually.

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Daniel Tarazona

Daniel Tarazona is a journalist and interior decorator by profession and is currently pursuing a career as an upcycling fashion designer in Paris and Luxembourg. Daniel is the presenter of the country's first radio fashion show INFashion Lëtzebuerg, co-founder of the "Upcycling Fashion Show" project at Galeries Lafayette Luxembourg, and also participated in the Rethink Your Clothes campaign at Caritas Luxembourg's Pop-Up "Let'z Refashion", exhibits his pieces in the first eco-responsible project at Galeries LaFayette Haussman Paris and is a member of the country team of Fashion Revolution Luxembourg.

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Egle Ozyte

Egle Ozyte is a 32 years old fashion designer born in Lithuania and based in Luxembourg. Her designer creations and inspiration come from nature, architecture, and history. The main source of inspiration is a woman who is elegant and fragile but, at the same time, determined and attractive, which is the driving force for most of her designs. Her creations focus from little black dresses to unique evening gowns. Work with jackets, suits and wedding dresses and scene clothes too. This year's 2022/ 2023 collection, which will be presented at Luxembourg Fashion Week, is called "C'est moi" the primary source of inspiration is a powerful woman, going forward no matter what kind of challenges comes. This collection returns to nature's inspiration, especially forests and elements of trees. 

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