Luxembourg Fashion Show
Saturday, October 1st, 2022
Hall Fondouq
1, route de Thionville à Dudelange.
20 hrs

About the Luxembourg Fashion Week

Who we are

The objective of the Luxembourg Fashion Week is to boost activities related to the fashion and art industry, but also to underline the country's involvement in their development.

This week will be entirely dedicated to the world of fashion and is an opportunity for the country to shine through fashion shows dedicated to ready-to-wear and accessories for men and women.

The Luxembourg Fashion Week brings the "fashion community" together with national and international artists and designers, celebrities, journalists, bloggers and models from all over the world around the "MADE IN LUXEMBOURG".

During this event, the public has the opportunity to attend the exclusive collection presentation.



Already at the age of 8, I started to personalise my own outfits.

My big dream is to become a stylist ... and yet ... After a long career as a bank employee, I realized that I have no passion for that profession. It was in 2016 that I made a big change. I realized that I need professional passion to flourish, so I decided to turn the page of the book of my life and start a new challenge... this is how I embarked on the creation of the F&D Fashion Academy and F&D Agency as co-founder. In 2019 we organized the first Luxembourg Fashion Week. 2020 was the year of the second Luxembourg Fashion Week and it was a real success.

That is the job that fascinates me, co-directing a fashion school and organizing events in this very closed environment. My work as Image Advisor and Communication Coach: 2018: It’s at the “IDS IMAGE” school in Geneva, where I followed a “Coach & Communication” and “Image Advisor” training. 2020: Two years later, I decided to make a professional career out of it and to embark on this profession which has always fascinated me. My goal is to help people regain their self-esteem. And my greatest wish is to help women during hard times. And how? By making them beautiful. Stay beautiful at all times... When a woman has cancer their image is often affected. Far from being inevitable, there are different methods to continue to shine and feel beautiful. I am available to help these women to come to terms with their image. Helping them regain femininity and confidence, and giving them a breath of fresh air. When you feel more beautiful, you feel better about yourself. My next goal is to become a fashion designer and create my own collection.


Alhe Frisch

Passionate about the PR and Communication world.

Since 2010 Alhe, who holds an MBA with an International Business background, has been leading and partnering in different Communication initiatives on an international level. These activities include collaborations with the Mercedes Fashion Week in Madrid, Swarovski product launches, organization of professional awards, and cooperations with female organizations and a Toastmasters Club. Alhe has had the opportunity to study and to work in 5 countries: Spain, France, the United States, Mexico, and Luxembourg. The constant need to adapt to a different reality and different cultures has fueled her love for communication. She is interested in female led organizations: she firmly believes in the power of collaboration, sorority, and equality and is fully committed to making the world a better place for women. One of Alhes’ professional goals is to leverage the visibility of Luxembourg and its Fashion Industry. She believes that the Grand Duchy has room to increase, and improve, its notoriety in this sector. And so, this is why she decided to embark on this adventure of the Luxembourg Fashion Week, as it combines the elements that she is most passionate about: entrepreneurial women working together to challenge the status quo of things.

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